Plot Points Q2 2019

Plot Points Q2 2019

That’s half the year gone by, with the second half plummeting away. Mentally, I’m already feeling the pull of 2020.

It has been three months of imagining and exploring, getting the ball rolling on new ideas and checking out what other artists are doing.


House on Fire

In April it was time again for Rapid Reads at Old 505 Theatre, presented by Old 505 and Apocalypse Theatre Co. I wrote a whole new play for the season: House on Fire.

The team was made up of four wonderful creative women: Melissa Hume, trying on her directing shoes, and actors Suz Mawer, Lucia May and Riczel Gagawanan. Watching your words brought to life with passion and craft is so rewarding. It’s really the cherry on top of finishing a draft.

I’ve already spoken to a director about ideas for 2020. The issues in House on Fire are urgent, and all that I’ve learned while writing it will not let me go; this play demands we take action, and gives us the spirit to keep going.


I have so very nearly finished the next draft. After writing the first version in the rush towards Rapid Reads 2018, this second version has taken on a little more thoughtfulness.

It’s emboldening to have other creatives join the team and embrace the work so far, when I haven’t even sent them a complete script (just a few more days, I promise!). This team is going to absolutely smash it.

With my producer hat on, I have a marketing plan, budget and rehearsal schedule rapidly solidifying. The next quarter is going to be completely dedicated to this show. Keep an eye out!

Things I…


Saw: American Psycho the Musical
Absolutely gorgeous design, thrilling ensemble work… I admit I had been waiting on this one ever since I acquired an illegal recording of the original London production. The caricatures and the superficial world of the play seemed all the more intriguing for how close we were to the stage in the Hayes Theatre. I left recognising the rage and frustration built into this environment, in a world ready to slip into violence at any moment.

Read: Happy City by Charles Montgomery
From the get-go, Montgomery makes clear his opposition to American-style sprawl and the cars that rule it. His book provides endless stories of how towns and cities have made big changes to promote green living, social health, road safety, and happier people, while acknowledging that no solution will fit all places. Plenty of food for thought for my inner urban planner!

Saw: Sauvage (Wild) by Aanisa Vylet
This play has all the vibes of a classic fairytale (you know, the real ones, where people get their feet chopped off and burn witches alive), told through the exquisite movement and detailed vocal work of Aanisa Vylet and Stefo Antsou.

Everything else

I wrote so many applications I got absolutely sick of them, and I decided this was okay. In all jobs you have to balance secondary work and primary work. Here’s the blog post I wrote about it.

I appeared on a little episode of the Convo Couch with Connie Khoo and San Koh, here. It was such an honour to be asked to be interviewed, definitely a skill I want to develop more!

Duckpond in Pre-Production

Duckpond in Pre-Production