Photography by Clare Hawley.

Photography by Clare Hawley.

Presented by Thirty Five Square and Old 505 Theatre for FreshWorks Femme 2019

It’s a beautiful day at the duckpond. Plenty of bread at the duckpond. Everybody is happy at the duckpond. Nobody sleeps at the duckpond. They only eat at the duckpond. If you’re a good duck, you can go to the Cloud.

Stranded after a plane crash, a flight attendant is caught up in the dystopian world of the duckpond. She befriends Duck, a duck addicted to nutrient-poor white bread, and meets the duckpond’s all-knowing dictator, Homer.

Turn off your smartphones for a madcap scroll through funny animal videos, clickbait listicles, and metatheatrical references.

Writer/Producer Tabitha Woo
Director Alison Bennett
Designer Lucy McCullough
Sound Designer Tegan Nicholls
Lighting Designer Artie Hotchkies
Stage Manager Hannah Crane

Flight Attendant Melissa Hume
Duck Rizcel Gagawanan
The Memes Samantha Lambert & Ruudi Hendricks
Homer Danen Engelenberg


Old 505 Theatre
5 Eliza St, Newtown 2042

October 22-26

All shows 7pm

General Admission $30 +bf
Concession/Under 30/Industry $25 +bf


“It’s not hyperbole to say that we are at a crossroads in the human condition. Different thinkers have called this period the Information Age or the Intelligence Era. Production is no longer measured in physical quantities...but by data...”
Bored and Brilliant, Manoush Zomorodi

“[T]he cloud...All that information – all that information capacity – looms over us, not quite visible, not quite tangible, but awfully real; amorphous, spectral; hovering nearby, yet not situated in any one place. Heaven must once have felt this way to the faithful.”
The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood, James Gleick